Preparing your Home for sale

When selling property, experience has shown that a little time and effort go a long way. First impressions are important, so pay attention to the appeal of your property. Prospective buyers must be at ease and free to voice their feelings when viewing your home.

We recommend that you be away from your home if possible. Do not discuss anything concerning the sale with the client. The sales person knows the buyers' needs and can best emphasize the features of your house.


The Cost Of Buying A Home

Once your home loan has been approved and your offer to purchase has been accepted by the seller, you will need to make provision for a number of costs out of you own funds. Some of these costs are governed by legislation, while others will be specific to your situation. Most of the costs will have to be paid upfront.

Buyers frequently don't know this and may have to rely on money from the sale of an existing property to cover costs. As a rule of thumb, you should allow between 8% and 10% of the amount of your home loan, excluding the deposit. One of the biggest problems is that buyers often cannot get an accurate estimation of costs and the actual costs are often much higher than they estimate for.


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Why An Estate Agent?

The purchase and/or sale of immovable property are complex transactions requiring special skills and knowledge.

For most people the purchase or sale of immovable property is a rare experience which unnecessary complications should not spoil.

The help of an estate agent can reduce the risk and avoid unnecessary stress when either buying or selling property.

Homesellers Mistakes

Not utilizing current marketing technology

We always utilize the latest technology, such as Internet sites.

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