• Quotations from furniture removal companies
  • Buy a pack of change address cards
  • Cancel telephone / apply for a new one
  • Cancel municipal connection / deposit refunds etc.
  • Cancel newspapers and milk deliveries
  • Cancel garden / pool service
  • Transfer bank accounts and insurances
  • Advise vehicle licensing department
  • Advise SABC and MNET
  • Advise domestic workers of new address
  • Advise professional bodies
  • Advise receiver of revenue
  • Advise personal tax consultant
  • Advise medical aid
  • Advise old school of new school
  • Advise doctor and dentist
  • Advise business associates
  • Advise employer
  • Advise timeshares for levies etc.
  • Advise department of Home Affairs
  • Advise auditor / bookkeeper / accountant
  • Advise companies where accounts are kept
  • Advise alarm / security company
  • Advise friends and family
  • Speak to vet when moving animals far distances
  • Arrange keys, curtains, steam cleaners etc. for new house
  • Leave new address with neighbors
  • Leave new address and keys with new occupant of existing home
  • Take power and water reading and switch off mains
  • Double check cupboards etc. on vacating house

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Homesellers Mistakes

Not giving the sales effort enough time

Homes may take 3-6 months to sell in any market. Estimate how much time you have before you need to sell and then plan ahead to allow extra time. You don't want to be forced to accept a disappointing offer.

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