Choosing Sole Mandate in Bloemfontein

Every estate agent will advise you with good reason to choose sole mandate.

  • Maximum advertising - sole mandates are advertised extensively.
  • Qualified buyers - only qualified purchasers will be introduced to your property by our fully-trained agents.
  • Best selling price - the selling price is maximized by a sole mandate because it allows buyers to compete on the property, a risk of reducing the selling price is created by an open mandate because it tends to encourage agents to compete.
  • No commission disputes - only one agent working for you at no cost unless successful.
  • No pressure to accept substandard offers - when in competition , agents may put pressure on sellers to accept substandard offers to secure the deal.
  • Commitment - committing to one agent makes him or her more accountable and allows for more time to secure the right buyer and the right price for you.
  • Expert agents - all our agents are trained professionals who have passed our compulsory in-house training courses, you will thus not lose a sale through lack of expertise.
  • Security - only one agent will be provided with a set of keys.
  • A tailored marketing plan - especially developed around your needs and circumstances.

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Homesellers Mistakes

Ignoring the importance of first impressions

Sales have been blown by unkept lawns, cluttered closets, unpainted front doors, hard-to-work locks, blown light bulbs, bad colours, stains, unlit areas and bad smells, Spend time on the little things.

Double up on your gardening. Keep things cleaner than usual. Take serious control of your pets during this time period.

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